Philco Model 38-690XX, 1938.  This is the 20-tube successor of the previous year’s hi-fi console, the 37-690X.  The cabinet was updated with a roll-top design and the new Philco slanted  “NO SQUAT, NO STOOP, NO SQUINT” feature.  The electronics were updated with new push-pull beam power output and redesigned magnetic tuning.  The tube compliment had a few changes from the 1937 model, most notably a pair of 6L6G’s replaced the 6B4G’s from the previous year.  It might be my imagination, but I believe the 37-690X sounds better than this supposedly “improved” model.  According to Ron Ramirez, author and noted Philco radio expert, there were only 3000 sets manufactured.  Don't miss Ron's Philco site at





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