Zenith Model 15-U-269, 1938.  This is the entry-level 15-tube console in the 1938 Zenith line.  None of the 15-tubers are easy to find, but this model is the least difficult to acquire.  I have heard some collectors refer to this model as the refrigerator because of its stark modern design.  The 15 tube (1501) chassis is huge and its tube complement includes:  (2) 6K7,  (1) 6L7, (4) 6J5, (1) 6H6,  (4) 6V6, (2) 5Y4 (1) 6T5-tuning eye. The entire line of 15-tube models tuned 4 bands instead of the 3 offered in the 9 and 12-tube models.  The additional “ultra” band, as signified by the “U” in the model number, also adds a fourth shutter to the dial. All of the 15-tube sets can tune from 540kc-44,870kc.  This set has the original grille cloth, which is good, because it was only used on Zenith 15-tube consoles and is not reproduced today. Original 1938 price:  $185.00.





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