Zenith Model 9-S-262, 1938.  Here is the entry-level 9-tube console for this model year. It features Zenith’s hot new “robot dial,” automatic electric tuning, between station silencer and changing thin metal dials for each band selected.  Zenith introduced the  green 6T5 eye-tube with the 1938 model year.  Today, a NOS 6T5 tube  is very rare and brings over $100.  Most collectors opt to use a 6E5 or 6U5 tube as a replacement, since these can be purchased for under $30.  Recently, this radio has been snapped up by new collectors partly because it is used in the Microsoft Windows98 screen-saver “The Golden Age.”  I am currently trying to secure a print of the 1939 Russell Lee photograph which shows a couple sitting in a living room with this radio in the background.  The photo was shot for the Farm Security Administration at a house in Hidalgo County, Texas. Originally this set sold for $99.95, today expect to pay between $500.00-$800.00 for a nice original. 

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