Zenith Model 9-S-55, 1936.  One of the pages in the large 1936 (available to view in the ZENITH EXTRAS section) shows this model in the rare ebony finish and announces "Alert to every trend, Zenith is first to recognize a demand for cabinets especially adapted to modern decorative schemes, and presents one of the year's most progressive innovations."  Here, it is seen in the standard walnut finish.  This 9-tuber has the same 5903 chassis  as the 9-S-54 console and 9-S-30 tombstone.  The tube line-up consists of:  6K7-R.F., 6A8-1st det. osc., 6K7-I.F., 6H6-2nd det. A.V.C., 6C5-1st aud., 6C5-2nd aud., 6F6-power., 5Y3-rectifier.  This set retailed for $119.95.

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