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  Zenith Model 5-S-127, 1937.  5 tubes, tunes American and foreign stations, split-second re-locator.  Price: $39.95.

ZENITH MODEL 5-S-127 Specifications from the 1937 dealer catalog:

CIRCUIT:  5-tube superheterodyne.  Triple Filtering.

TUBES:   Metaglas;  1-6A8 converter;  1-6K7  I.F. amplifier;  1-6Q7  Diode detector and  audio amplifier;  1-6F6  power output;  1-5Y3 rectifier.

CABINET:   A graceful table model, with skillfully matched figured butt walnut front panel, hard wood ends, reeded corners at top, flutes around bottom and well designed base  

SPEAKER:  6-inch electro-dynamic..

CONTROLS:  Tuning, switch and calibrated volume;  Continuous tone.

CONDENSER:  2-gang, rubber floated.

WAVE BANDSTuning range of 3 bands covering 538-1,780 K.C.;  1,740-6,050 K.C.;  5,500-19,250 K.C.;  (557-168.2;  172.3-49.6;  54.5-15.5 meters.)

OTHER FEATURES:  Split-Second Station Re-locator.  Lightning Station Finder.  Built-in antenna tuning for doublet connection.  Set may be used with hard-of-hearing aid and is adaptable to Secret Volume Governor.  Wattage output- 3 watts