Zenith Model 827, 1935.  Another beauty from the 1935 chrome accented table sets!  The "ZenithGram" flyer (form 111R) which was sent to Zenith dealers,  reads:  "For those who demand TREMENDOUS POWER in a small cabinet." 1. Standard and short waves, 2. Powerful 7-tube superheterodyne circuit in smallest space, 3. Personal type cabinets of outstanding beauty, 4. rugged construction, 5. Nothing like it on the market, 6. No competition in this field, 7. Perfected summer reception, 8. A timely sales leader during hot weather, 9. A substantial margin of profit to you, 10. Immediate delivery.  This set also features a cabinet with modernistic lines made from diamond striped American Walnut and a border and grille of satin finished chrome.  Other features include:   Hairline Shadowgraph Tuning, 6-inch extra heavy dynamic speaker, Tuning range of 3 bands covering 535-1640 Kilo., 1580-4750 Kilo., 4600-12,000 Kilo.  This unit sold for $54.95.