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Zenith Model 9-S-232 (Walton), 1938.  This is the 9-tube version of the radio made famous by the 1970ís, The Waltonís television series. It features a 6T5 green tuning eye, tunes 540kc-18.4mc, motorized electronic automatic tuning with station silencer, robot dial (shutterdial) and many other features.  It should be noted that Zenith never used the term "Shutterdial" to describe the sliding metal plates that select the various bands.  This term seems to be the invention of Zenith radio collectors!  Zenith did first use the term "Robot-dial" in marketing the 1938 radio line.  The 7, 9 and most elusive 12-tube versions have become much sought after by radio collectors around the world. In 1938 this set was priced at $89.95.