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Zenith Model 7-S-28, 1936.  Gotta love this 22-inch tombstone!  This 7-tuber is not a common find these days.  Bands are individually illuminated in colors and includes A-B-C automatic band indication. An 8-inch dynamic speaker provides clear, rich sound.  The two-knob tuning mechanism was introduced beginning with 7-tube chassis models in the 1936 line-up.  The larger inside knob provides for coarse tuning and the smaller outside knob is the fine-tuning (vernier) 'split-second' control.  The same knob compliment is used all the way up the line to the 16-tube Stratosphere models.  The outside knob, which is about the diameter of a penny and a little less than a half-inch thick, is broken or missing on many surviving sets.  Finding an original replacement can be difficult.  Original price:  $75.00