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Zenith Model 812 (811 Export Version), 1935.  Added to my collection in May 2001, this radio was more difficult to find than any of the three Zenith Stratospheres!  The curved deco design of the 811 (812) cabinet makes it one of the most desirable and unique pieces in my collection.  Why is it so scarce today?  Was it because 1935 radio buyers found a more traditional tombstone more appealing and few sets were sold?  Was the demand for an AC/DC chassis not overwhelming?  Amazingly, this radio came to me after a Spanish radio collector saw my need for one in the 'WANTED' section on this website.  After 2 weeks of communicating with the help Alta Vista's language translator, the radio was shipped from Spain and arrived in beautiful condition in just 3 days!  There are a few differences between the 811 (chassis 5609) and 812 (chassis 5608):  The model 812 dial scale is shown entirely in meters while the model 811displays frequency in kilocycles, the I.F. of the 812 is 125 K.C. and the 811's is 252.5 K.C.  Other features of this set include:  the introduction of Triple Filtering and reception of domestic and foreign broadcasts.  The model 811 sold for $54.95.  After 66 years in Europe this radio has finally come home to its country of manufacture.  Is this the only 812 in America?  Let me know if you have one!  Incidentally, my search still continues for a model 811, but this certainly quenches my thirst for the cabinet style.