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Model LH Model 801 Model 805 Model 807 Model 808
Model 809 Model 812 (811 Export) Model 825 Model 827 Model S-829
Model 835 Model 970 Model 975 Model 990 Model 5-S-29
Model 6-S-27 Model 6-S-52 Model 7-S-28 Model 7-S-53 Model 9-S-30
Model 9-S-54 Model 9-S-55 Model 12-A-57 Model 12-A-58 Model 5-S-119
Model 5-S-126 Model 5-S-127 Model 6-S-128 Model 8-S-129 Model 10-S-130
Model 10-S-147 Model 10-S-153 Model 10-S-155 Model 10-S-160 Model 12-U-158
Model 12-U-159 Model 5-R-216 Model 5-S-218 Model 5-S-220 Model 5-R-226

Model 5-S-228 Model 6-D-219 Model 6-S-222 M6-S-223 Model 6-S-229

Model 6-S-254 Model 7-S-232
"Waltons" Radio
Model 9-S-232
"Waltons" Radio
Model 12-S-232
"Waltons" Radio
Model 7-S-261
Model 9-S-262 Model 9-S-263 Model 9-S-264 Model 12-S-265 Model 12-S-266
Model 12-S-267 Model 12-S-268 Model 15-U-269 Model 15-U-270 Model 15-U-272
Model 15-U-273
Louis XV
Model 6-D-326 Model 7-S-363 Model 9-S-367 Model 9-S-369
Model 15-S-373 Model 8-S-463 Model 10-S-464 Model 7-S-529