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Zenith Stratosphere Model 16-A-63, 1936.  This is the more elaborately designed cabinet of the two 16-tube Stratospheres available for the 1936 and 1937 model years.  The ďBaby Strat," as itís called has a main chassis (1601-C) and a power pack chassis (1601-P).  The 16-A-63 features all-wave radio reception on 6 wave bands with 4 simplified dial ranges, large multi-colored dial, shadowgraph tuning and 2 speakers. The tube line-up includes:  (3) 6K7, (1) 6A8, (1) 6H6, (1) 6F5, (5) 6F6, (1) 6C6, (4) 5Y3.  This piece remained in the same New Jersey house for almost 63 years before it was found.  When this set was first introduced in the 1936 model line-up it was priced at $450.00.  The following year the price dropped to $295.00, obviously to move unsold units.  Using serial number data from Volume 3 of the Zenith Service Manual, it appears that there were 499 16-tube Stratosphere chassis made for USA domestic sales and an additional 74 units made for export.  There is no delineation of cabinet style production numbers, although it has been speculated that the production was equally split between the 16-A-61 and 16-A-63.. Click on all the pictures for a larger view.

ZENITH STRATOSPHERE MODEL 16-A-63 Specifications from the 1937 dealer catalog:

CIRCUIT:  16-tube superheterodyne.  Triple Filtering.                                                                     

TUBES:      1--6K7 R.F.; 1--6A8 1st detector oscillator; 2--6K7 I.F.; 1--6H6 2nd detector and   A.V.C.; 1--6F5 1st audio; 1--6F6 2nd audio; 4--6F6 output; 4--5Y3 rectifier; 1--6C5 shadowgraph.

CABINET:  In this magnificent console, woodworking craftsmanship reaches its highest expression.  Explicitly grained rare woods are skillfully combined to achieve eye-arresting color harmony in varying shades tan and brown.  The panels on either side of the sliding doors are sliced American walnut, decorated with an intricate festoon of inlaid marquetry.  The massive base is of polished hardwood.  The pilasters supporting the upper cabinet are a continuation of the recessed speaker grille.  The cabinet is solid walnut and the sides sliced walnut.  A luxurious piece of furniture by any standard.

DIMENSIONS:  43 inches high; 30 inches wide; 18 inches deep.

SPEAKERS:  1--12-inch auditorium dynamic; 1--6-inch high frequency reproducer.

CONTROLS:  Tuning; Variable Selectivity; Band Switch; Tone; Volume and Power Switch.

CONDENSER:  3-gang (floated freely on rubber).

WAVE BANDS:  Tuning range of 6 wave bands on 4 simplified dial ranges covering 550-1,780 K.C.; 2,100-7,000 K.C.; 7,000-23,000 K.C.; 141-375 K.C.  (545.4-168.5; 142.7-42.8; 42.8-13; 2,127.6-800 meters.)

OTHER FEATURES:  7 1/4-inch black, glass dial with individual band illumination in colors; Split-Second and Shadowgraph Tuning; Dual Tuning Ratio 99:1 and 18:1; Overtone Amplifier; Dimensional Tone; Dual Chassis.

Designed to use metal tubes if desired.