Zenith Model 8-S-129, 1937.  Another spectacular massive Zenith tombstone with an obvious design foundation from the previous year's 6-S-27.  8-tubes.  Tunes American and Foreign Broadcasts and features the Split-Second Re-locater and Lightning Station Finder.  This is was produced with an 8-inch speaker and audio quality is selectable with the 3-way tone selector:  Voice-Music-High-Fidelity.  Target-Tuning ensures accurate tuning.  This set retailed for $74.95.

ZENITH MODEL 8-S-129 Specifications from the 1937 dealer catalog:

CIRCUIT:  8-tube superheterodyne.  Triple Filtering.

TUBES:   Metaglas;  1-6K7  R.F. amplifier;  1-6A8 converter;  1-6K7  I.F. amplifier;  1-6H6  Diode detector;  1-6F5 audio amplifier;  1-6F6 power output;  1-6C5 tuning indicator amplifier;  1-5Y3 rectifier.

CABINET:    A  "big" pet, placed within the compass of a well-proportioned table model.  Dial panel is of figured butt walnut, flanked by decorative strips or striped Oriental walnut.  Top is hardwood, fluted, with reeded corners.  Vertical edges are fluted.

DIMENSIONS 22 1/4 inches high; 12 1/8  inches deep; 17 1/16 inches wide.  

SPEAKER:  8-inch electro-dynamic..

CONTROLS:  Tuning, switch and calibrated volume;  Voice, Music, Hi-Fidelity, Sensitivity;  Band Switch.

CONDENSER:  3-gang, rubber floated.

WAVE BANDS Tuning range of 3 bands covering 538-1,780 K.C.;  1,740-6,040 K.C.;  5,500-19,250 K.C.;  (557-168.2;  172.4-49.6;  54.5-15.5 meters.)

OTHER FEATURES Split-Second Station Re-locator.  Built-in antenna tuning for doublet connection.  Lightning Station Finder.  Target tuning.  Set may be used with hard-of-hearing aid and is adaptable to Secret Volume Governor. 

Wattage output-4 watts



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