Zenith Model 10-S-160, 1937.  This radio cabinet with multiple ribs on each side has always been one of my favorites.  Zenith collector and author Martin Blankinship tells oldradiozone.com "The design for cabinet of the 10-S-160 was purchased for $150 from the Cleveland Design company, Designs for Industry, and was patented at Zenith's urging by it's designer Lawrence Blazey.   Zenith paid an extra $3.50 filing fee for the patent on the 10-S-160".  10 tubes (Zenith 1004 chassis), Tunes American and foreign stations, Auditorium 12-inch Electro-Dynamic Speaker, High Fidelity Control, Sensitivity Control, Lightning Station Finder, Target Tuning, Split-Second Re-locator, Overtone Amplifier, Acoustic Adapter.  Original Price:  $139.95.  

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