Zenith Model 908, 1935.  You don't see this rare           tombstone very often.  This 6-tuber is one of the late 1935 models that Zenith introduced to dealers around February 1935.  A poster sent to Zenith outlets describes this set as "Triple Filtering...Split-Second tuning...6-tube superheterodyne.  A table model in the finest manner.  Fluted, beveled corners add the final touch of distinguished grace.  8-inch dynamic speaker.  Three wave bands.  Gets American and foreign stations."  The 908 was a brand new cabinet design, unlike the 935 which used the same chromed-fronted cabinet as the model 835.  There is also a model 909 listed in the Zenith service manual which shares the same 5614 chassis as the model 908, but a picture of the 909 cabinet, if different remains elusive.  Also, notice the escutcheon which was different from the other 800-series models.  This was a sneak preview of the escutcheon which would be widely used on many of the 1936 models!  It is actually an exact match for the part used on the 5-S-29 in the following year's model lineup.

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