Zenith Salesmen's Booklet, 1939.  Here is a fascinating, mint condition, 158-page spiral-bound booklet that was provided to help train the Zenith Radio salesman.  The first 58 pages contain extreme detail on every facet of selling a new Zenith set and the "hard-sell" sales tactics are fabulous reading.  The remaining pages cover the entire 1939 Zenith product line.  Some of the pages are scanned and available to read (click page numbers above).  As time permits, the entire booklet will be available to read on this site.  This booklet came from Butler Electric Company in Eustis, Florida which opened in 1917 and closed in 1981 when the owner, Charles Butler died.  The shop sat untouched until 1994 when his relatives sold all of the contents and the building.  I am always looking for more Zenith sales material and brochures and I pay top-dollar.  Please contact me if you have any items for sale oldradiozone@aol.com.       


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