GAF VIEW-MASTER,  The Waltons, 1972.  Why have the Zenith 7-S-232, 9-S-232 and 12-S-232's soared in value?  The radio was randomly selected as the family set for The Waltons television series (1972-1981).  The original radio used on the show can be seen at The Walton's Mountain Museum located in the old Schuyler Elementary School, in Schuyler, Va.  The radio is on loan from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.  After carefully studying the knobs on this radio from publicity photos, I don't believe it had all of the original wooden "Z" knobs.  The radio does not have the original Zenith "S-swirled" grille cloth, but a generic burlap type substitution.  I am currently seeking closer pictures of the radio knobs and the chassis so I can determine which model "232" was used on the show. 


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